The climate crisis is not a challenge of science and technology, but one of determination and political will.


Wesley Warren has over three decades of experience in energy and environmental advocacy in Washington working in the legislative and executive branches of government and for non-profit groups. During this time, he has been a leader in all aspects of the policy-making process including policy development, political strategy, strategic planning, and organizational and personnel management.

As president of Win With Green Consulting, Mr. Warren has continued in this leadership role by providing services to non-profits to help make their advocacy more effective – reflected through his writing, which can be seen here. Follow him on Linkedin, Twitter  and Facebook.

Some of the Services Offered

Political Strategy

Effective policy advocacy in Washington requires the ability to knowledgeably navigate the corridors of Congress and the executive branch of government. It’s essential to be able to identify the key decision makers, what makes them tick, and how to get them to agree to support your issue. Mr. Warren understands this process well, having worked for Republicans and Democrats in both of these branches of government and for non-profits. He has scored victories on issues ranging from amending the clean air act and fashioning climate change regulations, to adopting clean energy tax policy and securing historic federal funding for natural resources and the environment.


Strategic Planning

Win With Green can help you design your organization’s policy objectives and approaches for the future, matching aspirational goals with practical capabilities. Every strategic plan needs to have goals that focus on the most important priorities, a way to achieve those goals with resources that are obtainable, and metrics for measuring success. Mr. Warren’s successful work in this area includes leading the strategic planning process for the White House Council on Environmental Quality as its chief-of-staff, and for the premier environmental non-profit the Natural Resources Defense Council as its Director of Policy Advocacy.

Organizational Budget and Personnel Management

In addition to well-developed goals, an organization needs to know how to be practical about getting its work done. At the heart of every successful issue campaign will be a team with the ability to carry out its assignments and a carefully crafted budget for providing the necessary resources. Let Win With Green help you put these essential elements in place. While a senior manager in governmental and non-profit positions, Mr. Warren showed what it takes to get the job done in jobs as diverse as Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a board member and Treasurer of environmental non-profit organizations.