The XYZs of a Clinton Victory: Can Climate Help Clinch a Win?

Clinton Victory

Hillary Clinton is leading to be the next president according to recent polls, but her campaign still has a lot to do. The only polling that really matters is the polling booth on election day.

In a previous blog I noted how Trump could still win. He hopes that the negative campaign he has helped create will end up favoring him where turnout is concerned. The ABCs of a Trump victory thus would be: (1) Alienated progressives staying home; (2) Big Base Turnout of working class whites; and (3) Conservatives coming home after flirting with third parties. Many of Trump’s policies, such as his anti-environmental positions on energy and climate, have been used to promote these outcomes.

Now it’s time to look at the critical groups that Clinton needs to show up for her on election day, especially women, youth and minorities. Fortunately many of her main policies, including clean energy and the environment, are very appealing to these groups. Let’s call it the XYZs of a Clinton win.

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