Trump Sets Record for Dumbest Government Shutdown Ever

Trump produced the longest government shutdown in history. It was also the dumbest. He always wants to have the greatest of everything. Well, here’s one of the greatest mistakes of his presidency. Congress finally crafted a budget deal to provide border security that President Trump was willing to sign. This was made possible only after … Read more

Democrats Passed Two of Three Test in the Mid-terms: So why the Long Faces?

The election ended up a clear defeat for President Trump and the GOP. They lost control of the U.S. House and have fewer governors, even if they picked up a couple seats in the Senate. For the Democrats, as they say, two out of three ain’t bad. Yet, in so many ways the night had … Read more

Time to Vote and Hope for Change: Your Guide to Tonight’s Election Results

The election is finally here but not even the experts are sure which way it will go. With so many moving parts, it’s handy to have just a few weather vane races to follow to see which way the wind is blowing. So, here’s a guide to use to keep track of trends. In each … Read more

The Wolff at the Door: Trump’s Unfit, and It’s His Staff That’s Howling It

I admit to the guilty pleasure of finishing Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury this weekend. Given that the release of this book finished off Steve Bannon at Breitbart because of an angry Donald Trump, it might well have been titled, Fired by the Furious. But the saga that Wolff sets out, based on extraordinary White … Read more

Moore Reasons to Believe the Women

Watching the GOP go through its paces on the Roy Moore race for the U.S. Senate in Alabama definitely feels like seeing a party out of practice with simply doing what’s right. At first the Republican talking point was to condemn the supposed behavior but then to shield Moore (or at least avoid taking a … Read more

Listen to the Women: Lessons from the Virginia Election

My wife stood in the rain for hours on election day to put an end to Trump-style politics. Her vote plus many more cast by women in Virginia helped propel Democrats to victory in every statewide office and a stunning number of seats in the General Assembly. Some of the winners were themselves women running … Read more

A Republican House Could Elect Clinton President with Some Luck for the Democrats and a Tie in the Electoral College

If the election results in a tie in the electoral college, a Republican-controlled House of Representatives could pick Hillary Clinton to be president. Yes that’s right, Clinton. And that’s without any of the Republicans voting for her. It’s just another strange possibility in the strangest election season ever. Read entire article here …

2016 Election Countdown: Can Trump Jump Clinton’s Midwest Firewall to Win?

Donald Trump has been hot on Hillary Clinton’s trail but still lags in the electoral college. If the election is still uncertain, the states that will determine it are more clear. And to win it all, Trump may need to jump Clinton’s Midwest firewall. The long election season has some down to just a few, … Read more

Lessons from the Election: The Decline of Coal’s Political Clout


Trump bet big that a political strategy attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton for a “war on coal” would pay off. But if the current polling showing Clinton still ahead in the race turns out to be correct, we will be able to say this ploy was an outright bust. Sort of like placing a … Read more

Election 2016: Seven States to Watch for the Next 6 Days

2016 Election

Thank goodness the 2016 election is almost over. But many races remain close and their fates to be determined. This applies not only to the presidential race and control of the U.S. Senate, but also several campaigns for governor.

With so many races in play, it’s good to ouseave a list of the best states to follow down the stretch. Here’s my guide to seven states to watch in order of their importance:
(1) North Carolina
(2) Florida
(3) Ohio
(4) New Hampshire
(5) Nevada
(6) Pennsylvania
(7) Indiana

So how will these states affect the results on election day?

Read entire article here …